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How to set EEM-ACL to access/login to CA Service Catalog Webservices as a user without the spadministrator role


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CA Service Catalog CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


By default, only the Certificate user and users with the service provider (SP) administrator role can execute web services. This can, however, be changed.

Error when trying to consume login method with a user who is not a service delivery administrator:

User does not have access to read web services




The Access Policy for access to the web services may be changed:

  1. Login to the 'CA Service Catalog' application instance in EEM

  2. Select 'Manage Access Policies' tab

  3. Confirm 'Guinode' is selected and select 'Go'

  4. Select the role(s) in which you would like to allow gold brick access

    (i.e. ACL_requestmanager_Guinodes for Request Manager role in catalog)


    (i.e. ACL_catalogenduser_Guinodes for Catalog User role in catalog)

  5. Under 'Add resource' enter 'webservice__all' and select the plus icon

  6. Save your changes.

  7. Recycle the 'catalog service'

Then you can login with a userid with this catalog-role in webservices.