How to perform the Bootstrap Proceedure


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Messaging Gateway




How to perform the bootstrap proceedure on Messaging Gateway (SMG):

  1. Login with the username "admin" and password "symantec" (all lowercase)
  2. Set a new admin password and confirm the password.
  3. Configure a fully qualified host name (FQDN). This is the full name of the machine with domain.
  4. Set the timezome. Type "?" to view a list of the options. (i.e. "14" for Eastern US)
  5. Configure the primary IP address.
  6. Configure the subnet mask (or press enter to accept
  7. Configure a second IP address and subnet mask (recommended) (or press enter to accept NO and skip this step)
  8. Configure a static route (This is not typical) (or press enter to accept NO and skip this step)
  9. Set the default gateway
  10. Set a primary DNS server.
  11. Press enter to select YES and configure a secondary DNS server. (optional, type "NO" and press enter to skip adding secondary DNS servers)
  12. Optionally add a third DNS server.
  13. Specify the role of the appliance:
    1. Scanner only
    2. Control Center only
    3. Scanner and Control Center
  14. Confirm the bootstrap configuration:
    1. Press enter to accept NO and start the bootstrap from the beginning.
    2. Type "YES" and press enter to accept the configuration
  15. After the appliance reboots, if the appliance includes the control center role, you can access the web interface on "https://<IP address of the control center>"
  16. Continue on to begin the Setup Wizard.

How to perform the Setup Wizard