How to find your Ghost 3.x serial number


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Ghost Solution Suite




To download the latest updates it may be necessary to find your Ghost Solution Suite Serial Number to enter into the fileconnect website.

If you do not have Ghost installed, do not have a license file, and cannot find the Upgrade Notification email you will need to contact your account manager. 

The serial number will be listed on the Upgrade Notification email.

If you have your license file available, or Ghost is installed you can find the serial number from the license file. 

From an existing Ghost installation the license file or files are located here:

\program files (x86)\altiris\express\deployment server\licenses

The license file will be a file with the extension .SLF. To see the serial number open the SLF file in a text editor such as Notepad. Look for the line that says "<serial_number>".