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Clarity: Error Submit Cost Plan as Budget with Custom Attribute on Cost Plan Detail Object


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise



Submitting for Approval a cost plan containing a custom attribute of type "Number" may incorrectly result in the error message "Validation failure. Attribute: [attribute_id]. Cause: data_type" if the attribute was created recently, or at least since the application services were last restarted.

The issue is NOT reproduced with Partition Model on Project Object.

The issue is reproduced with NO partition model on Project Object. (System Partition)

Issue can be reproducible with date, number, Boolean also. Should be reproducible with other data types also (except String)

For example, if a user-defined date type attribute is configured on the Cost Plan Detail Object, the following error message is generated when the POR is submitted as a budget.

ERROR: Validation failure. Attribute: myDateAttr01. Cause: data_type

Steps to Reproduce:

Issue can be reproducible with date, number, Boolean attribute types - this is just one example.

  1. Create an partition model and associate any global user to that partition model
  2. Navigate to Administration, Studio: Objects, 'Project' Object, General Properties

    Associate above created partition model

  3. Log out from Clarity (required step)
  4. Login to Clarity as an administrator user who is NOT part of partition model associated with the Project Object
  5. Administration, Studio: Objects, Cost Plan Detail, Attributes
  6. Click 'New' button

    Create attribute: 'myDateAttr001'
    Data Type = Date

  7. Cost Plan Detail, Views, Cost Plan Detail List Column [Layout]

    Select and move 'myDateAttr001' attribute to layout
    Click 'Save and Return'

  8. Home, Projects List View
  9. Go to a Project that has a Department OBS Unit defined, Financial Plans tab
    Create and Submit a Plan of Record as a Budget


Expected Result: Budget created successfully

Actual Result: ERROR: Validation failure. Attribute: myDateAttr01. Cause: data_type



Release: ESPCLA99000-13.2-Clarity-Extended Support Plus



The attribute data type is not cached correctly in the system.
After creating the attribute, restart Application Services.