How to run the Symantec dAgent from the command line in Automation


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Ghost Solution Suite




If you have booted to a Ghost Solution Suite boot disk with the boot task type of "Network" the agent will not launch automatically. To cause the dAgent to launch type the following command in the command prompt type on the machine in Automation:


The dAgent will launch.  (Note there are 2 command prompt windows available in most preboot configurations, one of them will have a working command prompt, the other will not.)

If the PC that you are launching the dAgent from is a Known PC in the GSS console (it appears in the Computers panel in the upper left corner) and there are no tasks assigned to that particular PC, the agent will cause the PC to immediately reboot back to the Production environment. To get a PC to stay in Automation you must either:

  • Create a task, such as a Wait task, to compel a PC to stay in the automation environment. Instructions for creating a Wait task are here:  
  • Delete the PC from the Ghost console. (This will cause you to lose History of jobs that have been run on the client PC.)