Start a data exposure assessment in Phishing Readiness


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To begin an open/click assessment, you'll need to configure five key pieces of information.

To start a data exposure assessment

1. Enter a name for the assessment and select the Target Group that will receive phishing emails.
2. Choose the time to begin the assessment. Emails will begin sending at the chosen time. If the time selected is in the past, emails will begin sending immediately.
3. Configure the details of the phishing email

  • Enter the email subject
  • Enter the sender name (e.g. John Smith)
  • Enter the email sender (e.g. [email protected])
  • Select the email template to use. Optionally edit the email template to make any desired changes.

4. Define the title of the phishing landing page that users will see. (e.g.
5. Define the phishing domain that users will see when they click through on an email. This landing page should attempt to convince users to enter sensitive data.
6. Select the notice template and training template that users will see when through click through on an email.
7. Click "Save Draft" to save the assessment configuration details. Once the draft has been saved once, you will have the option to start the assessment.