How to use mklink to store images in an alternative location
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How to use mklink to store images in an alternative location


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*Disclaimer - Please be advised, the instructions below are provided as a service to our customers.  Please don't call tech support and request assistance with setting this up.  Thanks.

The mklink command can be used to create a shortcut between your default images share and any other physically connected hard drive on the Ghost server. This is useful if you would like to use a different physical hard drive than the default images share, but you do not want to create a network share for this location.

If the second location is a network drive please see this document:

Here is the official documentation for mklink:

Here is an example of how to use mklink. In this example there is a folder called "GhostImages" located on the F drive. we are replacing the default "Images" folder with the shortcut (mklink) we are creating so that the default jobs and configurations will all still work, and will point to the alternative location.

  1. Start a Command prompt As Administrator
  2. Navigate to the installation location, usually \program files (x86)\Altiris\express\deployment
  3. Type:

ren images oldimages
mklink /j /d Images f:\GhostImages



Now that the link is defined, your jobs must be configured to use that link, rather than pointing directly to the drive. When you browse for the path to your images you must select the link that you created.

Your job should appear as though it is configured to use the default images share.

".\Images..." indicates the default images share, wherever that happens to be. In this case, it looks like it is saving the image to the default images share on the C drive, but since we follow the link we created, the image will actually be on the F drive on the server, in the GhostImages folder.