How to stop emails without a subject or body
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How to stop emails without a subject or body


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How to use the Data Protection feature to stop emails with no subject or body.


The policy below will help with stopping emails without a subject or an email body. If you need to check both, do create individual policies for subject and body (good for reporting purposes). Or a single policy with two conditions pointing the same list with an OR statement, where the first condition is focused on body and the second on the subject.


Policy Implementation


Data Protection Location:

Access the Clientnet portal > Services > Data Protection

  1. Start a new Data Protection policy
    • Name the policy, Monitor emails without a subject or body
    • Apply to: Set to “Inbound mail only
    • Execute if: pick “All rules are met
    • Action: set it to “Log Only
    • Administrator email: Configure a non-production administrator email address, as in not a personal email.
          The reason this must be non-production is because DP policy administrators are automatically whitelisted from all DP policies to avoid mail loops.
    • Notifications: set it to “None"
  2. Add a new Rule
    • Name the rule, Check email body-subject
    • Set it to “ALL conditions are met
    1. Add a new condition - Content Regular Expression List  
      • Click on “Create a new Regular Expression List
        • Name the list – Empty body-subject
        • Here you’ll add the following entries to the list:
          (this expression follows the same classification logic used by Microsoft Word to see words)
      • Condition options:
        • Email contains: a match for none of the regexes in the selected lists
        • Case sensitive: No
        • Look in: Subject or Body
        • Matched text: Log Matched text
  3. Review and Save the policy