Configure Google G Suite for inbound mail
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Configure Google G Suite for inbound mail


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 You are integrating Email with Google G Suite for inbound emails.


Learn how to configure Google G Suite Business and Education editions with Symantec Email as your inbound email gateway.

To scan email from external sources, you must register the IP addresses or mail hosts of the points of entry into your network. These points of entry may be firewalls, routers, mail servers, or a public hosted cloud service.

The public hosted cloud services that we support are Google's G Suite Email and Microsoft Office 365. This information is for guidance only. You must retrieve up-to-date information from your public hosted service account to ensure accuracy. Your account information in the Google G Suite portal provides the inbound route information that you need to enter into the Email Security Services portal.

Inbound configuration

  1. In the G Suite Management console, navigate to Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced settings (scroll to the bottom).
  2. In the left pane, select your top-level organisation (typically your primary domain).
  3. In the Spam section, hover over Inbound Gateway, and click on Configure to create a new setting.
  4. Enter a description: Symantec Email IP Ranges.
  5. In Gateway IPs, click Add, and add all of the IP address ranges for Email
  6. You can select the following options based on your requirements:
  • Automatically detect external IP.
  • Reject all mail not from gateway IPs. This is recommended after the domain's MX record has been configured to point to Symantec's infrastructure.
  • Require TLS for connections from the email gateways listed above. This is recommended when ready to enforce TLS between Symantec and Google.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Save again.

Once you complete these steps, you can provision domains using the domain wizard in the portal under Services > Email Services > Domains. The Google's G suite MX records are needed for your inbound routes. This MX record is where Symantec delivers mail to after being processed by Email

Whitelist IP ranges in G Suite

This will bypass any anti-spam scanning performed by G Suite on emails that have already been scanned by Infrastructure. However, any IP listed as Inbound Gateway will not be whitelisted if also added to the Email Whitelist. For the receiving IP, Gmail will use the first public IP not registered as an Inbound Gateway, found in the "Received: from" headers.

You can either add Email IP ranges as Inbound Gateway and use Gmail anti spam service (which can generate false positive verdicts), or add our IP ranges to your Email Whitelist to bypass all Gmail's Anti Spam scanning from our gateways.

  1. In the G Suite Management console, navigate to Apps > G Suite > Gmail > Advanced settings.
  2. In the left pane, select the top-level organization, and scroll to Email Whitelist in the Spam section.
  3. Add each of the public IP ranges of the Symantec Email service separated by commas. For example:,,,,,,,,,
  1. Click Save.