Symantec Email Security.Cloud Pre-implementation checks
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Symantec Email Security.Cloud Pre-implementation checks


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Before we complete the setup of Email Security.Cloud service we must perform a few tests to validate everything is configured correctly.

Below you will find the recommended steps we advise to take before you enter your technical details in the Domain addition wizard on our Portal. 

Connectivity Check

  • Test Details: The connectivity check is an important part of the Email Services setup. This checks that we can successfully deliver mail to your specified IP. When performing this test, we try to deliver a test email through port25 to the postmaster address at the IP address you have provided.
  • Preparation: To minimize the chance of this test failing, we would advise you to allow the cloud security services IP Ranges through your security device (eg: firewall). These IP Ranges can be found at the following URL "Symantec Cloud IP Ranges". Another thing you want to verify is that your mail server is configured to delay for all domains you want to use. 

Domain Check 

  • Test Details: The domain check tests that the domain you want to use with the Email Services are registered. The Domains Wizard performs a DNS check to ensure that your domain is registered.
  • Preparation: Ensure that any domains you want to use are valid and registered. Ideally, they should have valid MX Records present.

Open Relay Check 

  • Test Details: The open relay test concerns the IP addresses you want to send Outbound mail from. An open relay Server is an SMTP Server configured for people outside of your organization to send mail through. Open relay is commonly exploited by spammers and therefore presents a security threat.
  • Preparation: Ensure that you have configured your mail server so that it only accepts email from local addresses.

Blacklists Check 

  • Test Details: When you add a new IP address to the Email Services infrastructure, we test to ensure that the IP address is not blacklisted on the Spamhaus Block List, Exploits Block List, or Policy Block List.

Preparation Details 
You can check whether your IP address has been blacklisted or not with the following sites:

Please note: If your IP address is blacklisted, you are advised to find out the reasons why to prevent it from happening again.