How to modify Ghost Standard Tools Boot Disk Creator to launch Ghost with Default Command Line Switches


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Ghost Solution Suite




This procedure will modify your boot disk so that when Ghost is launched automatically it will be launched with the suggested set of default switches.

This procedure does not apply to Ghost Solution Suite.

  1. Launch Boot Disk Creator as Administrator.
  2. Expand the configuration you want to change.
  3. Click on Startup.bat under your configuration.
  4. Locate the last line in the startup bat adding your switches after the line that starts Ghost. It is not case sensitive. See the examples below.
  5. We usually suggest -IB and -NTEXACT as default switches, you might also consider -NOTRIM. You can add any switches that are necessary for your environment here, but only add switches that you want to run every time you use that boot disk.
    Here is a partial list of command line switches that are available in Ghost.TECH130961
    If you just want to run Ghost with command line switches just once follow the steps in this article: TECH108178
  6. After you have modified the startup.bat file in your configuration save the change to the configuration and recreate your boot disk.


You will either see one or two places to launch Ghost in the startup batch file. If you only see one, modify that one, if you see both, modify both. 

start ghost64.exe 
should be changed to 
start ghost64.exe -ntexact -ib



start ghost32.exe should be changed to 
start ghost32.exe -ntexact -ib


if exist ghost32.exe (start ghost32.exe) else (start ghost64.exe) 
Should be changed to this:
if exist ghost32.exe (start ghost32.exe -ntexact -ib) else (start ghost64.exe -ntexact -ib)