Enable Debug Logging for Messaging Gateway for Service Providers (SMG-SP) on Linux


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Messaging Gateway for Service Providers




Enabling Debug logging levels for SMG-SP on Linux.

  1. Login as root
  2. Edit the file bmiconfig.xml
    1. Default location: "/opt/symantec/smg-sp/Scanner/etc/bmiconfig.xml"
  3. Search for each instance of the following:
    1. <log enabled="true" level="
    2. Below each instance you will see the path to the log level for the four services you can edit the log level
      1. jlu_controller_log
      2. conduit_log
      3. bmserver_log
      4. bmclient_log
  4. Update the number in quotes to 7 (Debug)
    1. The line should now begin with: <log enabled="true" level="7"
  5. Save and close the bmiconfig.xml file
  6. At the prompt type run the following command:
    1. /etc/init.d/mailwall restart
  7. To return to the default logging level, repeat the steps to change the log level back to 4 (default)
Logging Levels
Level Log Level
3 Errors
4 (Default) Warnings
5 Notices
6 Information
7 Debug