Install a license for Messaging Gateway for Service Providers (SMG-SP) on Linux


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Messaging Gateway for Service Providers




This is the process to install a license on SMG-SP.

  1. Connect to the linux server running SMG-SP. Either locally or with SSH (like putty).
  2. Login as root.
  3. Copy the .slf file to a temp directory (for example "/tmp/"). Using WinSCP (available free at is the easy way to do this.
    1. In WinSCP, use the SCP protocol and login as root.
  4. Locate the bmiconfig.xml file for your installation of SMG-SP. The default location is: "/opt/symantec/smg-sp/Scanner/etc/"
  5. Run command "/opt/symantec/smg-sp/Scanner/sbin/ -l /tmp/<slf filename> -c /opt/symantec/smg-sp/Scanner/etc/bmiconfig.xml"
    1. (NOTE: Replace <slf filename> with the name of the slf file. Modify the path to match the path used in Step 3)
  6. When the process is complete you will see the response "Registration Successful. You may now continue." and be returned to a prompt.