About the appliance's functions
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About the appliance's functions


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Messaging Gateway




You can use each appliance to perform a variety of functions. During the initial setup, the installation wizard prompts you to choose the function that each appliance performs. Symantec recommends that before you install the product, you decide which function or set of functions to assign your appliance. Contact a sales representative for additional help with performance sizing.

The available functions are as follows:

Control Center

A Control Center lets you configure and manage Symantec Messaging Gateway from a Web-based interface. The Control Center provides information on the status of all of the Symantec Messaging Gateway hosts in your environment, including logs and reports.

You must configure one Control Center for your site. One Control Center controls one or more Scanners.


Scanners can perform all of the following tasks:

  • Filter email for viruses, spam, and noncompliant messages

  • Check email against Good Senders lists and Bad Senders list

You can configure one or more Scanners.


Symantec Messaging Gateway is not intended to be used for load balancing. Administrators can associate only one host name or IP address as the MTA to which email is relayed. You must implement multiple Scanners to perform load balancing.

Control Center and Scanner

Performs both functions. This configuration is suitable for smaller installations.

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