Scanner Services
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Scanner Services


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Messaging Gateway




Use the Services tab to configure a Scanner to perform any of the following tasks:

  • Enable or disable the following services on a Scanner using the Services tab on the Edit Host Configuration page. Each host runs several services that it uses to communicate with the Internet and other servers on your network.


    Retrieves new and updated email filters from Symantec Security Response through secure HTTPS file transfer. Conduit authenticates filters and alerts the Brightmail Engine to their presence. Conduit manages statistics for use by Symantec Security Response and by Symantec Messaging Gateway to compile reports.


    Automatically downloads virus definitions from Symantec Security Response to the Scanner. This information is used by the Scanner's Brightmail Engine to identify known security threats.

    Brightmail Engine

    Scans email and attachments and file transfers for viruses, spam, and content filtering according to filter polices that you have configured.


    The mail transfer agent routes inbound and outbound messages to the Brightmail Engine for processing and delivers filtered messages to their internal destinations or to the Internet.

    Directory Data Service

    The directory data service lets you use the information that is stored in your Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) directories for features in the Symantec Messaging Gateway.


    If you stop the Brightmail Engine or the MTA service on a host configured to receive alerts, you must specify another host to continue receiving alerts. To avoid an interruption in alerting, modify the SMTP Host and Port fields on the Control Center Settings page (Administration > Settings > Control Center) before stopping either of these services.

    See Managing services and MTA operations.

  • Enable, disable, or pause incoming message scanning

    Enabling a Scanner to accept and deliver messages normally is the default behavior. However, if you have to take a Scanner offline, you can limit MTA operations in stages while you assign them to other Scanners.

    See Services and MTA operations.

    See MTA and message queue behavior.