Specifying proxy settings


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The Conduit service runs on each Scanner. Through the Conduit, you can register your licenses, update antispam filters, download new virus definitions, and perform software updates. If you use a proxy host, you must add the proxy server information to your Scanner definition.

Proxy errors are logged to BrightmailLog.log at the warning log level. Before you configure proxy access, you may want to configure BrightmailLog.log to log warning-level errors with the command cc-config cclog --level warnings. If the proxy host does not function after you configure it, check BrightmailLog.log for the errors described in Table: Potential proxy host errors.

See cc-config.

Table: Potential proxy host errors


Error in BrightmailLog.log

The proxy host requires a user name and password, but none was specified.

IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 407 for URL:

The wrong user name or password was specified for the proxy host.

ProtocolException: Server redirected too many times

The wrong address and port were specified for the proxy host.

Various timeout errors can occur


LiveUpdate uses the proxy that you define for the Scanner to download virus definitions from Symantec. If you download virus definitions from a LAN host, LiveUpdate uses a proxy only if you have defined one.

See Specifying from where to obtain virus definitions.

To specify proxy settings

  1. In the Control Center, click Administration > Hosts > Configuration.

  2. Under Hostname, check the name of the Scanner for which you want to specify a proxy and click Edit.

  3. On the Edit Host Configuration page, click the Proxy tab.

  4. Check Use proxy server.

  5. In the Proxy host name field, type the proxy host name.

  6. In the Proxy host port field, type the proxy port number.

  7. Specify a user name and password if they are required to log on to the proxy host.

  8. Click Save.