Modifying Spam Quarantine thresholds
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Modifying Spam Quarantine thresholds


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Spam Quarantine thresholds let you control the maximum size for Spam Quarantine. You can use the Expunger to enforce Spam Quarantine threshold settings. Only the administrators that have Full Administration rights or Manage Settings modify rights can modify quarantine settings.


Since the Expunger maintains the maximum size of Spam Quarantine, the quarantine can exceed maximum thresholds until the Expunger runs at the next scheduled interval.

See Specifying how long spam messages are retained in quarantine.

See Specifying when and how often Spam Quarantine is expunged.

Before you modify the Spam Quarantine thresholds, ensure that you understand the implications and considerations.

See Spam Quarantine threshold considerations.

Table: Spam Quarantine Thresholds describes the Spam Quarantine thresholds that you can configure.

Table: Spam Quarantine Thresholds



Maximum size of quarantine

Maximum amount of the disk space that is used for quarantined messages for all users.

The maximum Quarantine size reflects the actual size on disk of each message file in the message store. The actual disk usage may be slightly higher due to other unaccounted disk usage, such as database tables and indexes.

Maximum size per user

Maximum amount of the disk space that is used for quarantine messages per user.

Maximum number of messages

Maximum number of messages for all users (a single message sent to multiple recipients counts as one message).

Maximum number of messages per user

Maximum number of quarantine messages per user.

To modify Spam Quarantine thresholds

  1. In the Control Center, click Spam > Settings > Quarantine Settings.

  2. Under Thresholds, for each type of threshold that you want to configure, check the box and enter the size threshold or message threshold.

    You can configure multiple thresholds.

  3. Click Save.