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Scanner email settings let you control various aspects of inbound and outbound message flow. You can limit the IP addresses from which Symantec Messaging Gateway accepts email messages. You can also control where Symantec Messaging Gateway delivers filtered email.

You can reduce the volume of email that any one Scanner filters by configuring separate inbound and outbound Scanners. Even if you use only one Scanner to filter both inbound and outbound email, you can configure various SMTP settings to control message flow.


Individual Scanner email settings should not be confused with spam or virus scan settings, which control spam and virus scanning activity for all Scanners.

During site setup, you configure at least one combined inbound and outbound Scanner. This Scanner can be on the same computer that runs the Control Center, or on another computer. You can instead configure separate inbound and outbound Scanners to run on separate hosts or add dedicated Scanners later.


If you use the same IP address and port for inbound and outbound email, the Scanner uses outbound mail acceptance settings to determine if a message is inbound or outbound. The Scanner first checks outbound mail acceptance settings. If the mail is not accepted, the Scanner then checks inbound mail acceptance settings.

See Changing Scanner outbound mail acceptance settings.

The Add Scanner Wizard guides you through the process of configuring a Scanner's email settings. These initial email settings include:

  • Scanner role - inbound email, outbound email, or both inbound and outbound email.

  • Mail filtering - Scanner IP address and port number.

  • Mail acceptance - IP addresses from which the Scanner accepts email to be filtered.

  • Mail delivery - mail server to which filtered email is relayed and whether to enable MX Lookup.

See Adding Scanners.

After adding a Scanner to your deployment and testing it, you can modify its settings further by:

In addition, Connection Classification defers some connections based on local reputation data that is collected and implemented on a per-Scanner basis.

See About managing connection load at the gateway.