Configuring Control Center SMTP settings for alerts and reports
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Configuring Control Center SMTP settings for alerts and reports


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Messaging Gateway




The Control Center sends the following information to designated email addresses and repositories at your site:

  • Alert notifications

  • Reports

  • Spam Quarantine messages

You must supply the SMTP host IP address and port number to which you want the Control Center to send information.


Symantec Messaging Gateway verifies that the product version that runs on the Control Center and the Scanner are the same. If the product versions are not the same, Symantec Messaging Gateway issues an error message. You should perform a software update on the Scanner and define the SMTP host on the Control Center Setting page again.

See Updating your software.

To configure Control Center SMTP settings for alerts and reports

  1. In the Control Center, click Administration > Settings > Control Center.

  2. Click the SMTP tab.

  3. Under Control Center SMTP Settings do one of the following:

    To specify that the email that the Control Center generates should use the non-local relay to send email

    Click Use existing non-local relay settings.

    See Configuring Scanner inbound email delivery settings.

    To specify the IP address or fully-qualified domain name of a computer that has a working MTA on it

    Click Define new host.

    Change this setting from the default if a Scanner is not installed on the same appliance as the Control Center. Specify the port to use for SMTP. The default is 25.

  4. Click Save.