Selecting the data to track for reports
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Selecting the data to track for reports


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Messaging Gateway




By default, Symantec Messaging Gateway tracks data for several basic reports. Before you can generate other reports, you must tell Symantec Messaging Gateway to track and store data appropriate for the report. Extended statistics such as Top Senders, Top Sender Domains, and Invalid Recipient data are only collected when the appropriate options are selected.


Because the data storage requirements for some reports can be high, choose an appropriate length of time to store report data. In particular, the sender statistics usually consume a large amount of disk space.

See Specifying how long report data is retained.

See Generated reports layout and data.

Once you select the data to track, you can view the reports for that data after 24 hours.

See Creating and configuring reports.

To select the data to track for reports

  1. In the Control Center, click Administration > Settings > Reports.

  2. Under Email Reports Data, check the box beside the report data that you want to track.

    To track extended statistics, ensure that all of the Sender-related check boxes are selected. To see the Top Probe Accounts report, check Invalid Recipients.

  3. Click Save.