Configuring the replication of end user preference data


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In the Control Center, replication refers to the process by which user preferences are propagated from the Control Center to attached and enabled Scanners. Global settings in the Control Center control the replication process.

You can check the status of automated user preferences from the Status > Scheduled Tasks page.

See About scheduled tasks.

To configure the replication of end user preference data

  1. In the Control Center, click Administration > Settings > Control Center.

  2. Click the Users tab.

  3. In the Replication frequency box and drop-down list, you can set the replication frequency.

    You can choose Never to turn off replication.

  4. In the Replication start time drop-down lists, you can specify the time at which replication starts.

  5. You can click Replicate Now to have LDAP data replicated to all attached and enabled Scanners immediately.

  6. You can click Delete Now to delete all end user preference data.

  7. Click Save.