Spyware or adware verdict details
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Spyware or adware verdict details


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Messaging Gateway




Symantec Messaging Gateway can detect security risks.

Security risks are the programs that do any of the following:

  • Provide unauthorized access to computer systems

  • Compromise data integrity, privacy, confidentiality, or security

  • Present some type of disruption or nuisance

Symantec Messaging Gateway applies the spyware or adware verdict to all of the security risks that it detects.

See About detecting viruses, malware, and malicious attacks.

Table: Security risk categories included in spyware or adware verdict lists the categories of security risks that Symantec Messaging Gateway detects.

Table: Security risk categories included in spyware or adware verdict




Standalone or the appended programs that gather personal information through the Internet and relay it back to a remote computer without the user's knowledge.

Adware might monitor browsing habits for advertising purposes. It can also deliver advertising content.

Hacking tools

Programs that are used to gain unauthorized access to a user's computer.

For example, a keystroke logger tracks and records individual keystrokes and sends this information to a remote computer. The remote user can perform port scans or vulnerability scans. Hacking tools can also be used to create viruses.


Programs that use a computer, without the user's permission or knowledge, to dial out through the Internet to a 900 number or FTP site. These programs typically to accrue charges.

Joke programs

Programs that alter or interrupt the operation of a computer in a way that is intended to be humorous or bothersome.

For example, a joke program might move the Recycling Bin away from the mouse when the user tries to click on it.

Remote access programs

Programs that let a remote user gain access to a computer over the Internet to gain information, attack, or alter the host computer.


The Standalone programs that can secretly monitor system activity. These programs can and detect passwords and other confidential information and then relay the information back to a remote computer.