Enabling and disabling end user settings for policy groups


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End-user settings determine whether end users in a policy group can log into the Control Center to perform either of the following tasks:

  • Configure personal Good and Bad Senders lists.

  • Block or allow email in specified languages.


You must have a data source configured for address resolution for this page to be enabled, and both authentication and address resolution data sources are required for the system to execute your settings.

See About data sources and functions.

See Requirements for enabling end user settings for policy groups.

To log in, users access the same URL in their browser as Control Center administrators: https://<hostname>. The login and password for end users is the same as their LDAP login and password.

For information about supported browsers, see the SMG Installation Guide.


For the Good Senders and Bad Senders lists, end users are limited to a total of 200 entries in each list.


Although the language identification technology employed by SMG to identify the language of a message has a high rate of accuracy, false language identifications can occur. Note that messages identified to be in a disallowed language are deleted.

To select end user settings for a policy group

  1. In the Control Center, click Administration > Users > Policy Groups.

  2. On the Policy Groups page, click the group for which you want to select end user policies.

  3. Click the End Users tab.

  4. Check Enable end user settings for this policy group.

  5. If desired, check Create personal Good and Bad Senders Lists.

  6. If desired, check Specify language settings.

  7. Click Save.