Enabling and disabling Scanners
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Enabling and disabling Scanners


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Messaging Gateway




You can disable or enable a Scanner, or delete a Scanner. When you disable a Scanner, you stop the flow of email messages, statistics, logs, and configuration information between that Scanner and your Control Center. The Scanner stops processing messages. The Scanner neither sends nor receives messages. The Control Center stops routing Spam Quarantine mail to the Scanner. Message Audit Log queries omit the Scanner.

See Adding Scanners.

See Deleting Scanners.

To disable or enable a Scanner

  1. In the Control Center, click Administration > Hosts > Configuration.

    This page lists your Scanners. A black dash in the Enabled column indicates that the Scanner is disabled. A green check in the Enabled column indicates that the Scanner is enabled.

  2. Check the Scanner that you want to change.

  3. Click Enable to enable the Scanner or click Disable to disable the Scanner.