How to determine which custom drivers have been added to Boot Disk Creator
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How to determine which custom drivers have been added to Boot Disk Creator


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Ghost Solution Suite


There may have been an error when you added your driver, or perhaps you are just picking up Ghost in your environment and you want to find out for sure which custom drivers have been added to Ghost Preboot Environment.

Note: This document applies to drivers added to the Preboot environment, which are only used when the machines is booted into Automation. This does not apply to drivers intended to be added to the target image using DeployAnywhere.


GSS 3.x


Boot Wizard organizes drivers by platform, once a driver is added a a particular version of Win PE it will be present in any configurations that are built for that version of Windows PE, but you must rebuild that preboot environment after the drivers are added.

Assuming a default installation, for Ghost Solution Suite 3.X go to the following location:

\Program Files (x86)\Altiris\eXpress\Deployment Server\Bootwiz\platforms\Winpe10\x64\Drivers\CUSTOM\Drivers

For Ghost Standard Tools 3.2:

\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Ghost\bootwiz\Platforms\WinPE10\x64\Drivers\CUSTOM\Drivers

For Ghost Standard Tools 3.0 and 3.1 drivers for all WinPE versions are in the same folder:

\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\Ghost\bootwiz\Platforms\WinPE\x64\Drivers\CUSTOM\Drivers

For each custom driver that has been added a folder should appear beneath CUSTOM\Drivers. You may add multiple drivers of the same name if necessary, but you should only add drivers that you find necessary for your Win PE environment to function. It is not usually necessary to add all the drivers for a given device as most drivers are already present. Try booting the device to the Preboot Environment before adding any drivers, if it fails with an error that says "DHCP client service... retry 1..." you may need to find a network adapter driver, and add it to Ghost. If there is no hard drive present in your Preboot environment that means you either need to find the driver for the hard drive controller, or add Enhanced Storage to your configuration.