How Do I Add Hold Reasons for Incident Management Tickets
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How Do I Add Hold Reasons for Incident Management Tickets


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Incident Management allows tickets to be placed on hold, delaying SLA calculations.  As a part of that hold process a reason must be provided for placing the incident on hold.  There is a default value of None Given, but this is a drop down field that can be easily customized by adding values to the Servicedesk Application Properties.  To do this:

  1. Open the ProcessManager Portal
  2. Click Admin>Data>Application Properties
  3. Click the Gear wheel to the far right of the ServicedeskSettings Profile
  4. Choose Display Definition Values
  5. On the far right - there is another gear icon - click it and choose Edit Values. Scroll down and under Category:Incident Management, there is a ImHoldReasons section.
  6. Click Edit and text representing the reasons (e.g. Vacation, Sickness, More Data Required, etc) you wish to use for placing an incident on hold (.  Make sure to click Save when you are complete.
  7. Scroll to the bottom and click Save again.

This should add the options that you want to have referenced