About Email Security.cloud Data Protection
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About Email Security.cloud Data Protection


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 The Email Data Protection service enables you to control your inbound and your outbound email. You define policies to filter email according to who sent it, who it was sent to, what it contained, and so on.


The Email Data Protection service is a managed email service that allows you to identify and control any confidential, malicious, or inappropriate content that your employees send or receive.

Use the service to enforce policies that:


  • Protect corporate reputation

  • Preserve confidentiality and security

  • Reduce legal liability

  • Defend against careless and malicious actions

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Reduce lost productivity

  • Retain network bandwidth.


You can build a list of policies that matches your business requirements. When you activate the policies in your list, the system checks your emails against each policy in turn. Each policy in your list can contain multiple conditions.

We provide policy templates that address specific regulatory requirements. We also provide predefined lists of keywords that you can use in your policies. The policy templates and the predefined lists enable you to build robust and reliable policies easily and quickly.

The Email Data Protection service scans the various parts of an email, including the subject line, and the body, as well as file attachments, such as Microsoft Office documents, documents in PDF format, and text files. The scanning engine unpacks and looks inside compressed files to detect the file extensions or content that is defined in your policies.

If an email triggers a policy in your policy list, an incident is generated that appears in the Email Data Protection reports. You can view the details of the incident and take appropriate action. The action that you take is likely to depend on the agreements that you have reached with your Human Resources and Legal departments.