About global and domain level lists in Email Security.Cloud Data Protection


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In Email Data Protection you can create custom lists for all domains - a global list - or for a specific domain. If your role is to administer a specific domain, you can create lists for that domain. You can copy a list from the global list of domains to the domain that you are responsible for. When you are responsible for a single domain, you cannot create a list for use with all domains.

The Apply to: drop-down list at the top of the page enables you to do the following:


  • Filter the Lists page to show the custom lists that apply to all domains or only those that apply to a specific domain

  • Select the domain that you want a new list to apply to. Choose the required domain, and click New List or New List Group.


Note: The managed lists that we provide are available for all domains and are unaffected by any selection you make from the Apply to: drop-down list.