Why is CA InterTest for CICS abending my task with an INTE abend code instead of displaying an Automatic Breakpoint (ABP)?
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Why is CA InterTest for CICS abending my task with an INTE abend code instead of displaying an Automatic Breakpoint (ABP)?


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE InterTest - CICS InterTest - Batch InterTest VSE - CICS SymDump for CICS SymDump Batch



During an active monitoring session CA InterTest for CICS may encounter a possible monitoring exception within an application program. When this occurs, CA InterTest for CICS will either stop program execution and display an Automatic Breakpoint (ABP) at a terminal or abend the task with an INTE Abend code if the ABP cannot be displayed.


Why is CA InterTest for CICS abending my program with an INTE abend instead of showing me a breakpoint?


Actively monitoring a CICS application program with CA InterTest. 


An INTE Abend code will be generated for one of the following reasons:

  • The Automatic Breakpoint Facility is disabled - recommended in a Production Environment if CA InterTest is active in the region.
  • CA InterTest does not have a terminal on which to display the ABP - such as a transaction not initiated from a terminal (a non-terminal task) and no terminal has been designated to receive the breakpoint.
  • The "terminal" designated to receive the breakpoint is not a 3270 (or compatible) CRT such as a printer.

If the task is abended with an INTE Abend code, CA InterTest for CICS will generate a transaction dump. Included within the dump is a DSECT within an area of 24 bit User Class Storage known as the CA InterTest for CICS Diagnostic Area. A Diagnostic Area is created for every monitored entity and lasts for the life of the monitored task. This Diagnostic Area is easily recognized because it begins and ends with the word "Intertest". Within this storage, the reason for the monitoring exception is shown as a two character error code found at offset +2C and can be seen in the literals preceding the phrase, INTE ABEND.

Some of the more common error codes include:

02 - Invalid Machine Instruction (S0C1)
06 - Storage Violation
2D - A program check within CA InterTest itself, contact Technical Support
34 - Address Exception (S0C4)
37 - Data Exception (S0C7)

Additional Information:

The complete list of the CA InterTest for CICS error codes, a definition of each abend code which may be generated by InterTest (including the INTE), and a description of the CA InterTest for CICS Diagnostic Area DSECT can be found in the section entitled Examining Dumps of the CA InterTest and CA Symdump documentation wiki.


Release: OSINBV00200-9.1-InterTest-Batch


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