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The PF4 Save SCL function in CA Endevor Software Change Manager Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) does not save the SCL to the Natural library despite a confirmation message that says the SCL Object was created.


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EINE uses the Software AG USR2019N routine to save the SCL object. After upgrading to Natural V8.2.3 SP4 or higher, a parameter conflict between an older version of the USR2019N subroutine being used by EINE and how Natural is now calling USR2019N can occur that EINE is not catching and reporting.


The newer version of the USR2019N routine from the Natural SYSEXT library -

 	USR2019N Subprogram C S 8.2.03 NAT824 2013-03-14 

must be copied to the appropriate SYSTEM or application library replacing the older version of USR2019N.

In addition to using the newer USR2019N routine, an EINE APAR can be downloaded to report USR2019N error conditions:

V15.0 - RO67906
r15.1 - RO68550
V16.0 - RO68553

See TEC608491 for instructions on how to install a Published EINE Solution or PTF.


Release: ENDAE.00200-15.1-Endevor-Software Change Manager