How to Verify License Status in Protection Engine for NAS/Cloud 7.x without the user interface


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Protection Engine for Cloud Services Protection for SharePoint Servers Protection Engine for NAS




License information for Symantec Protection Engine (SPE) is made available in the report.xml.

To check the license status:

  1.  Go to the SPE installation directory.
  2.  Open report.xml file to view the status.
  3.  View the following parameters for the license status under the tag:
Timestamp An epoch time that denotes the time of the license status.
Status The status of the license, if it is valid or invalid.
Fulfillment_id  The fulfillment ID is the identification number for your license. You must provide this number to Symantec customer care if you have questions about your license
Expiration_date  An epoch time that denotes the date on which your license expires.
Warning_period  If the license is in the warning period, it displays the number of days.