How to install SEP 12.1.6 MP3 on Linux RHEL 7.2


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The following concise guide for installing SEP 12.1.6 on Red Hat linux. In this case, the RHEL version was 7.2 but it applies to all linux platforms. 

Pre-installation Requirements

  1. Download and install Oracle Java SE Runtime Environment from:

    I prefer the RPM version of the JDK because it will run immediately and automatically after the download completes. Alternatively, the command line to manually install the rpm version is:  rpm -i <filename.rpm>

  2. Install the JCE components
    1. Download the files from: (This link will change slightly as new versions are released. This link was the latest version available as of February 2016.)
    2. Unzip the file. It will contain two .jar files which may be in a subdirectory similar to "UnlimitedJCEPolicyJDK8".
    3. Copy the two *.jar files to the following directory, overwriting the original files with the same name. (Make a backup of the two original files beforehand, if desired.)

            /usr/java/<java build #>/jre/lib/security/

  3. Run the following command to install other required and recommend components:
    1. "yum install glibc.i686 libgcc.i686 libX11.i686"
    2. See: for related info.

SEP Installation:

  1. The SEPM should have a linux package file named:  Copy (using scp, pscp or similar tool) the zip file to the linux box.
  2. Put the zip file in a new subdirectory and unzip
  3. Run: chmod 755
  4. Run: "./ -i" (without quotes).

The installation should complete, barring any other issues.