How do I manage my support cases within the configuration portal


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Direct customers can see and manage all cases raised against their account. To do this please follow the below steps:

Step 1: Logon to the configuration portal.


Step 2: Select the Support Ticketing Center from the Support tab.


Step 3: Within the landing page of the Support Ticketing Center you can filter down to some of the cases opened within your account, but to see all cases raised click on the 'Support' button top right.

Step 4: This next screen holds all the information about your account:

  • Account name and address
  • Contacts - This will show email and phone number information if present in our CRM system.
  • Cases
  • Entitlements (not applicable to products).


Step 5: The Cases section can be searched by case reference or use the drop down filters to see many other different options:

  • All Cases - this will list all cases raised against your account
  • All Open Cases - will list all cases currently open
  • All Closed cases - will list cases resolved and closed
  • Customer Action Requires - cases that have been responded to by Symantec Technical Support and require your attention
  • Cases created during the last 10, 30 or 90 days - Shows all cases opened for your company within the time frames stated.
  • My Open - Cases your login created that are still open
  • Cases With Files attached - Cases that have attachemnts and evidence attached to them - See related links on this page for how to attach evidence to a case.

Step 6: Once you have located the case you wish to manage select it and you will be diverted to the case screen. This consists of the following:

  • Close, Upload Data & Download Data buttons.
  1. Close - You can close the case from your side if you believe the issue is now resolved
  2. Upload data - You can attach evidence to the case that will assist in the Symantec support team to resolve your query. See related links on this page for the HOWTO for uploading evidence.
  3. Download data - On occasion the Symantec Support team will also attach evidence for you to access.
  • Case information - This holds general information about the case
  • Detailed information - This holds the product information
  • Non Technical information - Not applicable to cases
  • Additional information - This holds the subject and opening descrption of the case
  • Case Notes - This case be used by yourself to add a note that will flag to the Symantec Support team this can include images. Symantec support can also publish a case note for your attention and it will appear in this section.
  • Plan of action - This section will include information about next steps for your case as created by the Support engineer that is working on your case.
  • Articles and Knowledge Base - These will include links to the Symantec Knowledge Base if your issue is related to a known issue.