Removing an entire scoreboard for a user


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I have a user whose scoreboard is no longer functioning correctly. How do I reset it?


The scoreboard for a given end user is maintained internally in the SD backend database. It is not possible to roll back a given scoreboard configuration in any way.

If a scoreboard has been found to be corrupt or unusable, the options available are:

  • Delete the entire scoreboard completely from the backend database. When the end user logs back in after the scoreboard removal, the user will see the default scoreboard that they would have depending on the default scoreboard for their access type, as though they logged in for the first time on the SD install.

  • Have the backend database table restored from a backup. The drawback to this is that you may end up rolling back scoreboard changes made for other end users since the last backup performed.

To remove the scoreboard for the given user:

  • Login to the SD Primary server:

  • In a command prompt, run:

    pdm_extract -f "Select id from ca_contact where userid = 'XXXX'"
    (replace 'XXXX' with the affected user's userid)

    This will generate an output that reads like this:

    TABLE ca_contact
    { "818E24BF602FC342B55622AEA7E6479F" }

    The long alphanumeric string is the UUID for the given user. Keep this value handy.

    The next step is to back up the entire scoreboard table, "User_Query". To do this, run:

    pdm_extract User_Query > usq-backup.dat

    Then you will need to run the following command to obtain just the affected user's scoreboard entries. In this case, you will need the UUID value to complete the query. The complete command (with the UUID present) is:

    pdm_extract -f "Select * from User_Query where obj_persid = 'cnt:818E24BF602FC342B55622AEA7E6479F'" > user-del.dat

    Finally, run this command to remove the contents of the generated "user-del.dat" file from the backend table.

    pdm_load -r -f user-del.dat


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