Email AntiMalware Troubleshooting
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Email AntiMalware Troubleshooting


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Email incorrectly identified as malware

  • Obtain confirmation of the virus Pen ID

    • This can be obtained from the malware notification

  • You can try to release the identified email from the virus release section of the Portal. 

  • If you can’t release the email from the portal or wish to verify the email is safe by our AntiMalware team, please create a case including the following information:

    • PenID (found in malware notification): 

    • Server / Tower Number (found in malware notification):

    • Would you like the mail released if it is a False Positive? 

    • If yes, what email address should we release to? (Can be original recipient, or another address in your domain(s))

  • If you wish to have an email released without an initial investigation by our AntiMalware team, or if you wish to have it released after we investigate and determine it to truly be malicious, we require you to complete a virus release form. Please see the attached file on the options menu under Download Files.


Email containing suspected malware was not intercepted by

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