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Are you having problems receiving emails?  Have you ever experienced intermittent outbound failures? Ever wonder why your email bounced?  You can address all of these questions using the Symantec Email Delivery Troubleshooting Tool.

This tool acts as a wizard that runs you through some of the most common questions asked of support and then runs the same tests that, traditionally a support agent would complete. The results of the tests highlight the next steps that are necessary to resolve the issue, helping you get an answer to your question quicker and, by extension, resolve the problem.

The tool can be access by going to the Symant.Cloud Management portal then Tools > Email Delivery Troubleshooting Tool. See article about finding troubleshooting information with the Email Delivery Troubleshooting Tool, if you would like to learn more about this tool.

See the sections below to find more informartion about troubleshooting the Email services below:

Email Delivery Troubleshooting  


  • Issues receiving email
  • Issues sending email
  • Intermittent email failures
  • Emails to a recipient domain appear to be trying to deliver to a server NOT in their MX Record

Anti-Malware Troubleshooting 


  • False Positive - Email incorrectly identified as malware
  • False Negative - Email containing suspected malicious content was not intercepted by Symantec.Cloud

Anti-Spam Troubleshooting 


  • Anti-Spam best practice settings
  • False Positive - Email incorrectly identified as spam
  • False Negative - Spam email not intercepted
  • Troubleshooting SPF Issues
  • Troubleshooting DMARC Issues

Image Control Troubleshooting 


  • Image Incorrectly Identified 
  • Image not intercepted by Symantec.Cloud. 
  • Approved or Blocked Images don’t appear to work 

Data Protection Troubleshooting 


  • Data Protection best-practice settings
  • Data Protection “False Negatives” - Email not triggered when it was expected to
  • Data Protection “False Positives” - Email triggered when it was not expected to

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