Web Security.cloud preliminary troubleshooting checklist
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Web Security.cloud preliminary troubleshooting checklist


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Web Security.cloud




To report a web security.cloud issue, it is important for a clear and effective communication channel to be open between you and the technical support engineer. This will help us to efficiently resolve the reported problem(s) at hand.

While it is not mandatory, providing this information to the technician would greatly improve the response and resolution time for the issue that is being experienced.

Once you have gathered this information, contact our Symantec technical support via phone or by opening a support case:

  1. Brief description of the issue

  2. When did this issue first start? is it intermittent, constant? does it happen at peak hours or at any given time?

  3. Explain in detail the specific steps the user took when the issue appeared (blocked pages, screenshots, error messages, etc)?

  4. What are the web sites being accessed?

  5. What is the web browser being used as well as the version?

  6. What is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and external IP address or IP range?

  7. What is the assigned proxy server is your infrastructure routing through?
    This information can be found by browsing to http://ip.symanteccloud.com and provide us with the entire output.

  8. How are you accessing our proxy infrastructure (Proxy hostname in browser configuration/PAC file/CSP/ISA/SC/Other Firewall)?

    • If proxy hostname configured in web browser

      • What is the configuration of the user's Internet Option > LAN settings? (Screenshots)

    • If a PAC file is being used

      • Provide us with a copy of the current PAC file in production.

      • What is the configuration of the user's Internet Option > LAN settings? (Screenshots)

    • If Client Site Proxy (Standalone) is implemented:

      • What is the Client Site Proxy version?

      • What is the Operating System of the Windows server that the Client Site Proxy is running on?

      • Is the Client Site Proxy running in a virtual machine or a physical machine? What are the server's hardware specifications?

      • Provide us with a copy of the squid.conf located under C:ClientSiteProxyetc folder, as well as any bypass files previously created.

      • Provide us with the Client Site Proxy logs around the time of the issue if enabled.
        Otherwise, refer to KB article on How to enable logging for the Client Site Proxy.

    • If Client Site Proxy (ISA/TMG) is implemented:

    • If Smart Connect is implemented:

      • What is the computer's Operating System that Smart Connect is running on?

      • Provide us with the information from all of the Smart Connect diagnostics pages.

  9. If the issue is with the performance of a specific web page or the web page is not rendering correctly, see Troubleshooting web page performance or page rendering issue in the Web Security.cloud Service

  10. If the issue is related to latency across multiple sites or this a web performance issue overall, gather the following information: