Configuring Web Security email recipients for Insight/Cynic notifications


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When a file is somewhat suspicious, but is not suspicious enough to be categorized as malware, Web Security services allow the user to download the file. The Insight reputation service and the Cynic sandbox service continue to analyze and process the file after it is downloaded. If either Insight or Cynic later finds that the file is malicious, the service can send an email notification to the recipients that you specify.

You can configure up to five email addresses to receive Insight and Cynic notifications. You can also enable or disable these notifications at any time.

To enable Insight and Cynic notifications and specify recipients

  1.     Click Services > Web Security Services > Anti-Spyware & Anti-Malware.
  2.     Select Enable Email Notifications.
  3.     In the Email Addresses (up to 5 recipients) section, enter an email address and then click Add.
  4.     Repeat step 3 for up to four additional recipients.
  5.     Click Save.

To disable Insight and Cynic email notifications, uncheck Enable Email Notifications. Web Security services no longer send Insight or Cynic email notifications, but the recipient addresses are still saved.