Smart Connect Application Crash Dump
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Smart Connect Application Crash Dump


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To create an application crash dump for Smart Connect, follow these steps.

  1.  Create a folder called “dumpfolder” under the C:\ drive
  2.  Open regedit.exe
  3. Got to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Error Reporting\LocalDumps
  •  If "LocalDumps" key does not exist, please create one.
  1. Right click on LocalDumps
  2. Go to New > Key and add new key called “SmartConnect.exe”.
  3. Create and Configure “DumpFolder” and “DumpType” keys under the new "SmartConnect.exe" key using the following attribute:
  • Create a key called "DumpFolder", Type "String Value", Value = c:\dumplfolder
  • Create a key called "DumpType", Type "DWORD (32-bit) value", Value data = 2, Base = Hexadecimal

If Smart Connect happens to crash, it will generate a dump file called Once the file has been generated, open a case with support via the Symantec.Cloud Management Portal > Support tab > Support Ticket Center and add the evidence to the case.

It is recommended to back up your registry in Windows before making any changes. See the following Microsoft KB article: