Configure the DRAC to display the correct hostname or IP address on the iDRAC terminal frame


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If you have not already configured the Dell Remote Access Card(DRAC) of your Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Platform appliance, please see the Installation Guide.

  1. Gracefully shutdown the ATP appliance, preferably through the ATP Platform User Interface.
  2. Power On the ATP appliance.
  3. To enter the BIOS setup menu, wait until you see "BIOS Setup" appear in the upper right corner, then press <F2> on your keyboard
  4. To enter the iDRAC Settings, press down arrow, then press <ENTER>
  5. To edit the Network settings, press down arrow twice, then press <ENTER>
  6. To edit the DNS DRAC Name, press down arrow x4, then press <ENTER>
  7. Do one of the following:
    - To force the DRAC terminal to display the correct hostname, type the correct hostname, then press <ENTER>.
    - To force the DRAC terminal to display the IP address on the terminal frame,  
         1. Delete all contents of the DNS DRAC hostname, then press <ENTER>.
         2. To display the Static IP Address, from the DNS DRAC Name, press the down arrow five (5) times, then press <ENTER>.
         3. If the Static IP Address is not correct, specify the correct IP address where the DRAC should listen, then press <ENTER>.
  8. To save changes, press <Esc>. then press <Esc>. On the dialog window that appears, press <ENTER>
  9. To exit BIOS Setup. press <Esc>, then press <Enter>