How to add evidence to a case via the Customer Ticketing Centre


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This guide will assist you in adding important attachments or Evidence to a case opened by yourself or a support representative.

Please navigate to the Support Ticketing centre within the ClientNet portal. You will find this under the Support Tab > Support Ticketing Centre.

  • Once the Ticketing Centre has loaded you can then search for the case you wish to attach evidence to.
  • After selecting the case you simply click one of the buttons titled ‘Upload Data’ on a case you have already raised via the Ticketing Centre.



  • This will log you on to the MFT secure file transfer system. You can then simply click the ‘upload’ button within this to upload your Evidence.

  • After you have selected the file you will then see an option to ‘start’ the upload. Select this and once done you can navigate away from this webpage. Your file is now uploaded and attached to the case.