Maintenance Entitlement Overview for Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
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Maintenance Entitlement Overview for Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP)


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This article describes the entitlements associated with Maintenance for Symantec Data Loss Prevention (on-premises), and the resources available when you renew your Maintenance.


Deployment Methods

Symantec Data Loss Prevention can be deployed on-premises, in a hybrid cloud or as a fully managed service (through a Symantec DLP Specialized Partner). This article concerns on-premises deployment only.

On-premises software (often abbreviated as on-prem software, and also called “on-premise” software) describes a software delivery model where the software product is installed and operated on the computer infrastructure that is entirely located at the premises of the organization using the software.

Off-premises software is commonly referred to as “software as a service” or “cloud computing”.

Licensing and renewal basics

Symantec DLP software is licensed per Managed Device or Managed User. Symantec DLP software for on-premises deployment can be purchased according to the following license models:


Symantec DLP products that are perpetually licensed are sold as a standalone perpetual software license for the software product, with the option of a standalone Maintenance entitlement for a finite term (usually one to three years).

  • A perpetual software license entitles you to use the core features and functionality delivered by the purchased version of your DLP product or suite indefinitely, for a specified quantity based on the Use Level that is stated in the End User License Agreement (EULA). 
  • A Maintenance entitlement (for terms of one to three years) in equal quantity to the perpetual license quantity, providing access to the following benefits:
    • Version Upgrades (major releases) every 6 to 12 months at no extra cost. A Major Release incorporates the last Minor Release (if one has occurred) and may include architectural changes, major feature changes, new platform support and new operating system support. It typically requires a new installation.
    • Product updates (minor releases) including critical coverage for emerging technology channels. A Minor Release incorporates all previous Maintenance Packs and Fixes since the prior Major Release. It is tied to the preceding Major Release and may contain new features, new platform support, new operating system support, and the latest maintenance updates. It typically requires a new installation. 
    • 24/7 Technical Support (Essential Support)
    • Break fixes, patches and enhancements (Maintenance Packs). A Maintenance Pack provides cumulative bug fixes for a particular Major Release of Licensed Software, but contains no new features or functionality. It is generally installed as an overlay - also known as a patch.
    • Various online support and learning options

Renewal: Your entitlement to access Maintenance benefits expires at the end of the Maintenance term. Prior to the expiry date, Maintenance must be renewed for continued access to benefits that sustain and maximize the original data protection investment, including access to the latest product versions, critical updates and technical support. To remain compliant, the Maintenance quantity being renewed must equal the aggregate software license quantity. 


A Symantec DLP on-premises subscription entitles you to use the DLP software product and access Maintenance benefits for a specified quantity based on the Use Level that is stated in the End User License Agreement (EULA), and for a specified term. The subscription term may be 12, 24 or 36 months.

For the duration of the subscription term, a DLP on-premise subscription provides access to:

  • The software features and functionality delivered by the purchased version of your DLP product or suite
  • Maintenance benefits:
    • Version Upgrades (major releases) every 6 to 12 months at no extra cost
    • Product updates (minor releases) including critical coverage for emerging technology channels
    • 24/7 Technical Support (Essential Support)
    • Break fixes, patches and enhancements (Maintenance Packs)
    • Various online support and learning options

Renewal: Your entitlement to use the software product and access Maintenance benefits expires after the subscription term. To ensure continued access to the software product and to Maintenance benefits, you must renew your subscription prior to the end of the subscription term.

Compliance Obligations

You are responsible for managing your Symantec DLP software licenses and corresponding Maintenance entitlements on an ongoing basis as follows:

Perpetual: Maintenance for perpetually licensed Symantec DLP is purchased and renewed on a per license basis. To ensure full and continued access to your Maintenance benefits, the Maintenance quantity must always match the aggregate quantity of your software licenses (original purchased quantity plus any additional software licenses for the same product purchased subsequently). Deployment levels can be verified using the DLP Administrative Console.

Subscription: Where Symantec DLP is licensed by subscription, your rights to use the software and access to Maintenance, end on the subscription term end-date.

To avail of Maintenance benefits for software licenses not under Maintenance would be considered a breach of Symantec’s End User License Agreement. You are also reminded that use of a perpetually licensed Symantec DLP product above the specified quantity would be considered over-deployment and a breach of your license grant.

Visit Licensing Information to learn about licensing basics, license compliance and find resources to assist you. For assistance with all your non-technical licensing queries, contact Customer Support.

Value of Maintenance and the importance of renewing

Symantec Data Loss Prevention is a content-aware information protection solution that discovers, monitors and protects confidential data wherever it is stored and used across cloud and on-premises environments. Symantec DLP protects organizations against data breaches with industry-leading data loss prevention technology that:

  • Keeps regulated data compliant
  • Controls how information is used, transmitted and stored
  • Keeps sensitive data and trade secrets safe from loss or theft
  • Provides continuous compatibility with the latest technologies


In today’s highly mobile and cloud-centric world, where your sensitive data is at its most vulnerable, keeping up with emerging technologies is a necessity. Maintenance provides your DLP product with continuous access to the latest updates so you can stay ahead of ever-evolving digital threats arising from the rapid adoption of cloud applications and social media. It also enables adherence to the shifting business realities presented by new data protection challenges and associated regulatory compliance requirements.

Maintenance Benefits

Your Maintenance entitlement provides: critical product updates that extend coverage for new data loss channels; template updates so that your regulated data can stay in line with new regulatory, industry and geographical requirements; and Symantec technical expertise 24/7/365 for the times you need it most.

Designed to safeguard and maximize your data loss prevention investment, current[1] Maintenance entitles you to a wide range of benefits for the duration of your Maintenance term:

Running the latest DLP version[2] is critical for ongoing data protection and is available at no extra cost. As a world-leading data loss prevention vendor[3], Symantec invests hugely in R&D resulting in significant product innovations and architecture enhancements. New versions are typically released every 6 to 12 months, providing ongoing supportability and improved features, functionality, performance and control including:

  • Advanced content detection technologies such as Described Content Matching; Fingerprinting (Exact Data Matching & Indexed Document Matching); Vector Machine Learning and expansion of file-type detection that improve overall content detection accuracy.
  • Addition of new policy templates and updating of existing templates based on constantly changing government, industry and geographical requirements regarding PII (Personally Identifiable Information, or information that can be used to steal identity) such as: PCI DSS regulations (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) related financial information and banking related data, HIPAA and HITECH regulated health information.
  • Continually improving policy manageability and control via the DLP Enforce single management console.
  • Augmented remediation capabilities with innovative modules such as FlexResponse.
  • Increasingly sophisticated workflows for accelerated response and remediation times.
  • Addition of discovery, monitoring and protection capabilities for new data loss channels.
  • Enhanced cloud discovery with added file protection for sensitive documents that are stored and shared on Box.
  • New platform support and ongoing platform enhancements eg for Mac and Windows.
  • Greater integration with other technology providers, security solutions and adjacent information management processes like eDiscovery, archiving and entitlement management.
  • Continuous product innovation, optimization and adaptability with regular product updates

Critical software updates, enhancements, bug fixes and patches that enable your product to work optimally with improved stability, and adapt to technology and operating system changes via regular Maintenance Pack and Minor Releases. The more up-to-date DLP is, the better it will function, evolve and adapt.

Of utmost importance are DLP’s frequent Minor Releases that offer:

  • Extended coverage for emerging channels like cloud (e.g. Office 365, Box).
  • Template updates that correspond with regulatory compliance updates.

Technical assistance is fundamental to the successful deployment and operation of your DLP product. Symantec’s skilled Technical Support Engineers are available around the clock, every day of the year to help with your technical questions and resolve product issues.

  • Published Service Level Agreements by issue severity, with a Severity 1 target response time of 30 minutes.
  • Global reach with 3,000 technical support professionals in 26 centers supporting 15 languages and the safety net of Symantec DLP developers, engineers and researchers available to lend their unparalleled expertise.
  • Unlimited 24/7 phone access (language cover according to regional availability and English outside of business hours) to technical experts including weekends.
  • Continuous support for Severity 1 cases using a follow-the-sun model.
  • Web support enabling online case creation using the MySymantec customer portal.
  • Unlimited case creation quantity.
  • Up to 6 designated contacts.
  • Various self-help options to problem-solve and assist
  • Knowledgebase with technical notes, how-tos, tips and more.
  • Symantec Connect forum to engage online with other customers and Symantec technicians.
  • SymDiag diagnostic and security analysis utility that provides self-help support for technical issues and best practice recommendations, and gathers data for support-assisted troubleshooting.
  • Symantec’s eLibrary with access to over 1,500 on-demand, online training modules
  • Cost Savings
  • Upgrade at no extra charge during the Maintenance term and realize the long-term cost savings by never having to buy a new version again. Running the latest version lowers total cost of ownership and avoids the higher costs associated with technical difficulties involved with future migrations.
  • Avail of add-ons and cross-grades to other DLP components to suit your growing business needs at reduced cost.
  • Reduce incident remediation costs with accurate detection technology and easy access to complete incident information.

How to renew

On-time renewal of Maintenance is essential to safeguard the value of your Symantec DLP software investment.

Symantec primarily works with its partners to notify customers about upcoming renewals. In addition, we have the following methods of alerting you that your Maintenance is about to expire:

  • Symantec Renewal Account Managers work with Symantec partners to assist Enterprise customers to plan their renewals.
  • Renewal notification e-mails are sent to SMB customers starting 60 days prior to Maintenance expiration date (customer segment and frequency vary by region, but as a minimum globally, Symantec’s unmanaged Customers are notified).
  • Symantec DLP products issue alerts to let you know about your product’s upcoming expiry date.

Tip: Your Maintenance start and end dates are indicated on the Symantec License Certificate for your product.

Risks associated with not renewing

If you fail to renew Maintenance for your DLP product, you will no longer be able to access the benefits of Maintenance previously outlined.

Critically, you won’t be entitled to important product updates that keep your product current and performing optimally. Without expanded coverage for new data loss channels and platforms, you risk having blind spots in your organization that could potentially allow data leakage and data breaches. Additionally, you won’t have access to any new templates or policy updates that reflect the latest compliance and regulatory requirements.

Symantec DLP is designed to protect regulated data as well as your high-value Intellectual Property. Today’s world is becoming increasingly regulated and you are more obliged than ever to keep your customer and company information safe. To adhere to ongoing compliance with global data protection and privacy requirements, and avoid penalties for non-compliance, you should make sure you are availing of the latest DLP features and functionality by always running the latest version. Without current Maintenance, you will be required to repurchase your software license at a higher cost to establish your right to the latest version.

Finally, you will be denied access to technical support and you will no longer be able to log technical support cases online via MySymantec.

To maintain the ongoing protection of your Intellectual Property and customer data, continued regulatory compliance and to avoid data breaches, resultant fines and reputational damage, you simply cannot afford to let Maintenance for your DLP product expire.

[1] Maintenance is considered “current” when both term (start and end dates of the Maintenance term) and quantity (Maintenance quantity should match software license entitlement quantity of the product being supported) criteria are met. Customers with expired Maintenance lose their entitlements to Maintenance benefits.