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CA Output Management Web viewer 11.5 - Installing an Updated Version of CA CAICCI-PC


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If you are preparing a new WebViewer Server, it is important to install an updated version of CA CAICCI-PC before you start. This will prevent the Web Viewer install from installing an old version of CA CAICCI-PC.


Installing an Updated Version of CA CAICCI-PC

  • Download ccipcs32.exe as binary to your desktop or any other location.
    Right click on the icon and select Run as Administrator to start the install if you are not logged on as administrator. This ensures that the CCI Configurator will be able to save the values you enter in the Windows registry.
    Do not attempt to remove the previous installation.
  • When it prompts for the path, select CA_APPSW to write over the previous install
  • At the end of the installation, select the configure box, labeled "Configure CA CAICCI-PC R14.0.x Win32 now" to bring up the configuration panel and select the TCPIP tab. If you had a previous version of CAICCI-PC installed, your old configuration should still be there.
  • Otherwise, enter

    Name or IP address : your mainframe LPAR name or address
    PORT: defaults to 1202 - change it if needed.
    System Name : an 8 character unique name for your Windows Server.

    Select the Test Tab and click on Start to make sure you have connectivity to mainframe CCITCP/SSL.

    NOTE: The configuration panel will be in your start menu. If you rerun it be sure to do so as administrator.
  • Recycle IIS 



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