Uninstall Smart Connect via Group Policy in Windows 2008/2012 R2
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Uninstall Smart Connect via Group Policy in Windows 2008/2012 R2


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You can uninstall the Smart Connect by using the same GPO that was previously created to deploy Smart Connect to your users.

To uninstall Smart Connect with an Active Directory Group Policy Object

  1. On the Windows Taskbar, click Start > All Programs > Administrative Tools > Group Policy Management.
  2. The version of Windows that you use may display Programs instead of All Programs in the Start menu.
  3. Find the Smart Connect deployment policy that was previously created, right-click on it then click on Edit.
  4. In the Group Policy Management window, in the console tree, expand the domain, expand Computer Configuration, expand Policies, expand Software Settings, right-click Software Installation.
  5. In the right pane, right-click the software package.
  6. Go to All Tasks then click on Remove.
  7. In the Remove Software dialog box, check Immediately uninstall the software from users and computers, and then click OK.

Close the Group Policy Object Editor window, and then close the Group Policy Management window.

The software uninstalls when the client computers are restarted. By using Group Policy - Preferences Scheduled Tasks, you can ensure that every computer automatically reboots at the end of the day.

For any other software deployment management software, consult the corresponding documentation.