How to update a registry key value remotely
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How to update a registry key value remotely


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Ghost Solution Suite


There have been a few issues revolving around the "Allow encrypted session" option within the GSS 3.x product.  Many of these require a work around which is to disable the encrypted session option on the client side.  The difficult thing about this is that in some situations, the Dagent is not successfully connecting to the GSS console which means you can deliver anything through GSS to fix the issue.  


The answer to your problem is to build a .reg file from a working Dagent and then deliver it to your other clients through a domain GPO or if you have our ITMS product installed you can deliver a package through it.

You first need to create a .reg file of the need value change:

  1. Run regedit.exe on existing Dagent machine
  2. Browse to HKLM\Software\Altiris\Client Server
  3. On the right hand side look for the EncryptSessions value
  4. If this value is not set to zero, change it to zero
  5. Highlight the Cleint Server folder and click on File in the upper left hand corner
  6. Export the Client Service folder to your desktop
  7. Open the newly created .reg file in whatever document editor you have
  8. Delete all the lines that start with the " except for the "EncryptSessions"=dword:00000000

You file should look liike this:

Windows Registry Editor version 5.0



This is all you'll need as far as files go.  This file will be your new package

You then need to deliver this file to all machines that require the registry key change.  To run this file and make the change you'll need to run the following command.

regedit /s /i <filename.reg>

You may need to include the path to the file depending on how you deliver the file to your client machines.

To get this change to take affect you'll need to restart the Dagent service on the machine.  You can use netstop and netstart to do this. 

Here's the link from Microsoft.