Upgrading to Symantec Advanced Threat Protection 2.0.2


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You can upgrade to Symantec Advanced Threat Protection 2.0.2 from version 2.0.0 or 2.0.1.

When a software update is available, you see the following notification in the upper right corner of ATP Manager: ATP Needs Attention. When you hover over this notification, you see the following message: Software update available. Additionally, an email is sent to all of your administrators notifying them of the update.

Do the following when you update the software on your physical appliance or virtual appliance:

  • Run a backup.

    • To mitigate risks, complete a full backup before you perform a software update.

  • Upgrade the management platform (CIU) before you upgrade remote scanners.

  • Click the Update Software button only once.

    • If you click the button more than once, you may experience unexpected behavior.

  • Do not power off your appliance or restart ATP during the upgrade process.

  • Do not change any of your configuration settings during the upgrade process.

    • If you change your settings during the upgrade process, you may corrupt your database.

  • Note: The System Health notification indicating that there's a pending software upgrade no longer appears after the upgrade finishes.


To upgrade Symantec Advanced Threat Protection

  1. From ATP Manager, select Settings > Appliances.

  2. On the Appliances page, do one of the following:

    1. From the Appliances list, click the Update Software button for the appliance that you want to upgrade.

    2. From the Appliances list, click the appliance you want to upgrade. From the Appliance Details page, click Update Software.

Note: The upgrade may take awhile to download. Following the upgrade, your appliance automatically reboots. After the reboot, check to ensure that the upgrade was successful by verifying the latest version.

To view your ATP version number

  1. In the upper-right corner of ATP Manager, click the down arrow key to the right of your user name.

  2. Click About. The version number appears on the About dialog box under the product name.