How to Upgrade Symantec Endpoint Encryption from 11.0.x to 11.1.0 with both the Client and the Management Console on the same machine


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Endpoint Encryption




Upgradng/Installing the 11.1.x Management Console on a 11.0.x Client machine can cause client failures. This can include communication failure and being unable to decrypt the machine. 

To avoid this situation a specific upgrade process will need to be used.

Do not install the 11.1.x Management Console on a 11.0.x Client Machine. Make sure that the client has been upgraded to 11.1.x prior to installing the 11.1.x Management Console.

Upgrade Process: 
1. Uninstall the 11.0.x Management Console
2. Upgrade the 11.0.x Client to 11.1.x
3. Install the 11.1.x Management Console

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