Add drivers to Ghost Solution Suite
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Add drivers to Ghost Solution Suite


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Ghost Solution Suite




Boot Disk Creator

  1. Navigate to Tools > Boot Disk Creator (Console Version).
  2. In the Boot Disk Creator, click Tools > Add Pre-Boot Device Driver.
  3. Click Browse, and navigate to the location where the driver is stored.
    Ghost Solution Suite requires drivers to be in the .INF format, and requires the .DLL files to accompany the driver
  4. Select your driver format, click OK, and then click OK again.
    The driver is installed for all the Boot Disk Creator configurations.
  5. Re-create your boot disk or automation environment, and the driver should be included.

PXE Configuration Utility

  1. In PXE, select the target PXE environment, and click Edit.

  2. Under Image Creation Method, click Edit Boot Image.
  3. In the Edit Configuration step, click Edit to modify the configuration.
  4. Navigate back to the Windows PE Hardware Device Drivers step; this is where you add the drivers.

  5. Click Have Disk, and enter a path for the driver.
  6. Select the driver architecture type, and click OK.
  7. Click OK. The driver is imported into the PXE configuration, which may take some time to finish.
  8. Once the driver is loaded, you are prompted to refresh the driver list. Click Yes and wait for the configuration to finish.
  9. Continue with the PXE configuration and rebuild the PXE environment.
    With the driver added and the PXE environment rebuilt, the driver is now be included in the PXE boot option.