Ghost Solution Suite upgrade guide
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Ghost Solution Suite upgrade guide


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Ghost Solution Suite


Ghost Solution Suite 3.x upgrade guide


GSS 3.x


The upgrade process for Ghost Solution Suite is fairly simple and the newest version of GSS can be directly installed overtop of the previous version if the supported upgrade path is followed:


Upgrade path from 3.3 to recent RUx versions:

Please refer to our GSS 3.3 RU11 release notes

Supported upgrade paths for Ghost Solution Suite 3.3:

You can install Ghost Solution Suite 3.3 (2121) in any of the following scenarios:

■ Fresh installation of Ghost Solution Suite 3.3

Upgrade to Ghost Solution Suite 3.3 from any of the following paths:

■ Ghost Solution Suite 3.2 RU7. The Ghost Solution Suite agent gets automatically upgraded on the client computers.

■ Ghost Solution Suite 3.1 MP 6. The Ghost Solution Suite agent gets automatically upgraded on the client computers.

■ Ghost Solution Suite 3.0 HF5. The Ghost Solution Suite agent gets automatically upgraded on the client computers.

Upgrade path from 3.2 releases:

Supported Upgrade Paths for Ghost Solution Suite 3.3

*This guide informs on the upgrade process from Ghost Solution Suite. Please backup all information/databases and view the Ghost Solution Suite documentation before proceeding.

* It is recommended to get a back up of your server, disable the Anti Virus, Turn off windows User Account Control Settings and rename the current DSSetup folder in C:\DSSetup before the upgrade.

  1. Download the latest version of Ghost Solution Suite (From your Support Portal  ) and select "Extract & Execute App", this will create the familiar DSSETUP folder in the directory that is selected.

  2. Select Custom Install to preserve the database from the previous version of Ghost Solution Suite install.

  3. Accept the Software License Agreement

  4. Select the location where the previous version of Ghost Solution Suite files are located, it is recommended to choose the location that Ghost Solution Suite is installed at so files are overwritten and updated accordingly. Locate and link your license file in the prompt below.

    *Note, each major release Ghost Solution Suite has a unique license file. License files from previous base versions will not work on upgrades and vice versa. Example: if you are upgrading from a 3.2 release to 3.3, a new license file is required. If you are installing a release update "RU" but the major release version isn't changing, the existing license file can be used. Example: 3.3 RU3 to 3.3 RU10.
  5. Verify the I.P. address and install path are correct and enter a administrator username and password. This can be either a local administrator or a domain administrator.

  6. Verify that the server found is the correct server and that the database name matches the previous install of Ghost Solution Suites database.

  7. Select either Windows NT authentication or SQL server authentication

  8. Select yes to the below notification, this ensures that the prior Ghost Solution Suite database is used with the new Ghost Solution Suite install.

  9. Configure PXE settings, by default the PXE server and GSS server use the same I.P. address. Advanced installations may require changing the PXE server address to a different location.

  10. Select "Ok" when notified that a DHCP service is required for PXE to function correctly.

  11. Verify the I.P. address matches the address provided earlier for the GSS server, this is where the default DAgent settings will point to.

  12. Select on this computer

  13. Select install

  14. Select "Yes" to replace the eXpress share (Make sure all prior images are backed up to a different location before proceeding).

After this process completes, verify that all services have been restart and Ghost Solution Suite should be correctly upgraded. 


If you are upgrading from GSS 3.2 RU7 to GSS 3.3 RU10 for example, you need to go from GSS 3.2 RU7 to GSS 3.3 RTM and then to GSS 3.3 RU10. Just remember to watch for the support matrix for OS versions: 

Platform and OS Support Ghost Solution Suite 3-X

For the DAgent, you can go upgrade it straight from GSS 3.2 RU7 to GSS 3.3 RU10 version. 
So, when you are done upgrading your GSS server to 3.3 RU10, then you can move on and do the DAgents in one jump.
The "Automatic Agent Update" Job should be automatically created and executed after the GSS server is updated in case this option is enabled as it is displayed here:

The "Agent Update Jobs" task should be populated automatically by the computers that need the new agent version and this task will update them.

This job replaces agent binaries so it should be able to replace binaries of DAgent 3.2 RU7 to binaries of installed GSS version.




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