How To manually update the Schemus local database
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How To manually update the Schemus local database


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Please follow these steps if the Synchronization Tool (Schemus) is not uploading all client information due to local database becoming de-synced.  This will refresh the local schemus database to ensure that all information is being correctly upload to the clientnet portal.

  1. Open the Schemus application and select your configuration.
  2. Press the "Refresh" button on the main menu screen.
  3. Select all available options (Mail, Groups, Users)
  4. Once completed click Test Update and review the results.

Take extra care to review the deletions column and ensure no email addresses users or groups, are present in this column that are in fact legitimate.
If there are entries in the deletion list that you do not believe are correct, please discontinue and contact support.  Otherwise you may now use the tool in your normal manner.